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Boats in Ahtopol
Boats in Ahtopol

Ahtopol is located on the sea coast and is the southernmost town in Bulgaria. It is very near to the border with Turkey. Ahtopol is located on 78 km from Burgas and 206 km from Varna . It could be easy visited by rental car from Top Rent A Car. The town is located on beautiful cliffy peninsula, and near it could be seen the river of Veleka.

Ahtopol has very good conditions for silent sea vacation. It has wonderful nature and is part from nature park Strandja. In the bay of Ahtopol have been found many historical monuments and discoveries, which are evidence for the ancient historical past of the region. It is considered that on the land of the contemporary town was established village during the Stone Age. Later during the Iron Age the area has been settled by the Thracians. Few centuries before Christ, the Greeks have built sea village which became a trading centre and performed many meets between merchants from different parts.

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Sightseeing around Ahtopol

The sea in Ahtopol
The sea in Ahtopol

Ahtopol is very preferred for peaceful family holidays. You have many possibilities for visiting many interesting places and resorts with rental car from Ahtopol. The most interesting resorts around are Tsarevo , Kiten , Primorsko , Burgas , Sunny Beach , Nessebar , Sozopol , Sveti Vlas and many others.

The climate of the town is temperate continental and during the summer is very warm and perfect for sunbathing and swimming. During the other part of the year the climate is mild.

  • There are many touristic ways among the green mountain hills.
  • The beaches of Ahtopol are very peacefull and beautiful.
  • Guest houses, small hotels and traditional restaurants give to the visitors everything for complete holiday.

The beach of Ahtopol
The beach of Ahtopol

In the past Ahtopol was known as a small "Saint forest", because there had more than 100 temples and churches. In the beginning of 20th century the citizens of Ahtopol have had many boats and ships, but later the town was burned out and all the temples were destroyed. Till today could be seen only the Church "Assumption" - built in 1776, and ruins from the monastery St. Yani. There are also ancient ruins of fortress and ruins from Thracian walls.

Nowadays the main livelihood of the people, living there is the tourism and touristic activities. The visitors could visit the wonderful nature park Strandja, which is the biggest endangered theritory in the country and also the best preserved deciduous forest complex in Europe. It has diversity of many plant and animal species and many historical monuments as Thracian tombs, discoveries and others. Another interesting place to visit is the historical museum of Ahtopol which is located in the central part of the town, near the beach. The exhibition contain s many discoveries found in the sea and in the land around Ahtopol.

Hotels, restaurants and places to go

The best hotels in Ahtopol according to Trip Advisor:

  • Eskada Beach Hotel
  • Lola Garden
  • The Colourful Mansion Hotel
  • Family Hotel Kaylas

The best restaurants in Ahtopol according to Trip Advisor са:

  • Restaurant Agata Beach

Car hire in Ahtopol

You could rent a car in Ahtopol from Top Rent a Car. If you plan to visit Ahtopol and have not booked your car yet, you could do it by using our reservations form left. If you travel from Burgas, Top Rent A Car has office on Burgas airport, Burgas - downtown, and Sunny Beach, where you could pick up a car on spot. Top Rent A Car offers and delivery to Ahtopol.

Sozopol Top Rent A Car
Sozopol Top Rent A Car

Ahtopol By Nenko Lazarov ( [ CC-BY-2.5], via Wikimedia Commons