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The bay in Kiten
The bay in Kiten

Kiten is a lovely, small and cozy town with less than 1000 inhabitants, situated about 55 km south of Bourgas and 5 km away from Primorsko, at the foot of the Strandja Mountain. Kiten has two picturesque bays - Karaagach and Atliman, located north of the mouth of the Kitenska River and part of the small peninsula Urdoviza. The town is called Kiten, as seen from far away looked like a nosegay (the Bulgarian word for it is "kitka"). The story of Kiten starts around 6 c. BC, when this place was a Thracian settlement. In the southern bay of Kiten were found many items as tools of stone and bones, pottery, which are currently kept in the museum in the town of Sozopol. The legend says that in the early years of Ottoman rule, the Sultan fell in love with very beautiful girl Stana Urdovizka. She agreed to marry him if exempt from taxes as much land as it may be toured from sunrise to sunset on a horse. The Sultan agreed,and the girl left at sunrise on her horse and traveled throughout most of the Strandja Mountain. When she got back to the bay, her horse died from exhaustion, and not long after she died as well. Local people were exempted from taxes, and the bay was called Atliman (Horse Bay).

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Points of interest you shouldn't miss:

The port of Kiten
The port of Kiten
  • Urdoviza Bay and Atliman Bay
    The beach in Atliman Bay is located in the northern part of the bay, and there could be seen beautiful sand dunes. The beach is surrounded by rocks. The South Bay Urdoviza is divided into two beaches - "Kiten-South" and "Camping Kiten”. Both bays are ideal for sunbathing.
  • Harbor
    There are many tourist boats that offer trips to Primorsko, Lozenets and Ahtopol.
  • Ropotamo Reserve
    Declared a reserve in 1940, amended in 1956 and from 1962 is a National Park. It covers Ropotamo River and has an area of nearly 850 hectares. Within the park there are four reserves - "Snake Island", "Sea Wormwood", "Arcoutino”, "Water Lilies", which were created in order to preserve the specific vegetation from foreign plans from neighboring phytogeographic regions.
The centre of the town
The centre of the town
  • Begliktash
    It is a Thracian "observatory" representing huge rocks, which in the moments of solstice were forming a kind of calendar. The place was a sanctuary for the ancient Thracians and they held there various rituals.
  • Strandja
    Covers reserves "Silkosia", "Lopushna", "Vitanovo", Tisovitsa "historical site", Petrova Niva. It was created to preserve the unique vegetation, with representatives such as oak, beech eastern, eastern oak, black hornbeam, flowering ash, horse chestnut, juniper, wild jasmine, pseudo bushes Strandja periwinkle wildly tree Armenian oak, wild chickpeas, wild fig and others.

Hotels and restaurants in Kiten

The best hotels in Kiten according to Trip Advisor are:

  • Hotel Chiplakoff
  • Green Park
  • Princess Residence
  • Coop-Kiten Hotel Complex
  • Kiten Beach Hotel

The best restaurants according to Trip Advisor are:

  • Ribarski han

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