Frequently asked questions

Before booking

We have offices at Sofia Airport (Mimi Balkanska 140, free shuttle service will be provided), Varna Airport and Burgas Airport (offices in Arrivals Hall). We also have offices in the central parts of Varna and Burgas as well as seasonal offices in Sunny Beach and Golden Sands. Detailed contact information can be found in our contacts section
All offices are open 09:00 - 19:00, every day. Offices also service customers out of working hours at additional charge. Detailed contact information can be found in our contacts section
There is additional fee of 20 € for pick up/drop off "Out of working hours" 19:01h - 08:59h
Top Rent A Car provides delivery to hotels/addresses everywhere in Bulgaria. We provide free delivery service to hotels in the St. St. Constantine and Elena resort, Golden Sands and Sunny Beach resorts.
Returning a car in different office from the pick up office is called "One way rental". There is "One way rental" fee depending on the distance, which is calculated automatically during the reservation. For example, if you rent a car in Sofia and return it in Varna , the fee is 100 €, if you rent a car in Burgas and return it in Varna the fee is 35 €. Read our full rental terms for additional information.
When the pick up/drop off place is different from office of Top Rent A Car, it is possible to be added "delivery fee" depending on the distance, which is calculated automatically during the reservation process.
Top Rent A Car allows visiting other countries after advance request. The countries allowed are Greece, Macedonia, Serbia, Romania and Turkey. Cross Border to the countries - Albania, Bosnia and Herzegovina, Kosovo and Montenegro are applicable only after approval only for some car classes.
There is additional administrative fee between 80-100 € depending on the car class. The security deposit is double. You need to send us a scanned copy of driving license and passport.
The minimum driver age is 23 years and should have a driving license for a minimum of three years. Drivers under 23 years or with less than 3 years experience must pay additional “Young driver” fee and double deposit. Restrictions may apply.
There is no limit of the mileage.
The car is provided with a full tank. Upon returning the car with a missing fuel, the client pays the missing fuel, and fee to the value of 10 €. We recommend using a gas stations near our offices. We advice our customers to use only well-known chain brands like OMV, Shell, Petrol, LUKOIL, Gazprom, Rompetrol. The gas price in Bulgaria is 1.20 - 1.40 € for the unleaded fuel and 1.25 - 1.45 € for the diesel fuel.
When booking through our website you can choose from 3 options: quotation, partial prepayment and full prepayment. Only when prepayment is made, we guarantee you reservation. When choosing to send us quotation it is possible to ask you for a prepayment to reserve your car.
When pick up the car security deposit will be blocked on the credit or debit card (Visa or MasterCard) issued on the name of the driver. The deposit amount will not be charged, only blocked on the card. After the return will be unblocked. The deposit is different for the different car classes 200 - 500 €
The price includes Road Tax (Vignette) the territory of the Republic of Bulgaria.
You can drive with license issued in different country than Bulgaria. The license should not be expired or expiration date during the rental period!
When booking directly on the website of Top Rent A Car or in an office of the company winter equipment is included in the total price. Additional charges are only snow chains. When booking through websites of some of our partners may be a charge for winter equipment, which is paid on the spot.

Bookings process

All returning customers of Top Rent A Car have personal MyTop account giving them additional discount, based on the number of previous reservations. The discount is in addition to the online discount. More information about MyTop program find on this page.
You can book by phone at our national phone number +359 700 89 050.
We advise you to book at least 7 days before the date of hire. You can call +359 700 89 050 if the pick up date is up to 24 hours.
Promo code allows additional discount of the vehicle for certain periods.
We have Promo code campaigns in our facebook page, official blog or e-mail newsletter.
It is not always possible to provide you with the sample car model you choose in the website because of the busy schedule and continuous movement of cars in the fleet. This means that the class offers several cars of different models and brands, but with the same parameters (number of doors, transmission, presence of air conditioning, size of luggage that can fit, etc.). We do not guarantee exact model only car class.
Insurance "Liability" applies to the European Union. Standard insurances which are included are CDW and TP. More about insurance read on our rental terms page and here on our useful insurance tips page.
The difference depend on the weight and age of the children (up to 10 kg, 9-18 kg, 15-36 kg). Pictures of different seats you can see in Step 3 of the booking process.
Every additional driver is paid extra depending on the number of rental days and the number of additional drivers.
You can add Cross border during the rental process (on 3rd step) and add the name of the country as comment. You need to provide the following documents: scanned copies of driver's license and ID card not later than one week before the rent. You can also upload all needed documents in your MyTop account. These documents are required to prepare a power of attorney or a green card for going abroad. There is a one-time fee of 80 € - 100 €, depending on the class of rented vehicle. Requires double deposit.
Top Xpress is a service of Top Rent A Car, which allows faster procedure when hiring a car. This is done by pre-sent data from driver's license and ID card / passport client / clients. When Top Xpress is completed, the contract will be completed when you arrive for your car.
You can choose this option. This way you make а request, not reservation.
Methods of payment are: Credit Card, bank transfer and PayPal
The website is protected by Web Server Certificate. Transactions on the site are protected with up to 256-bit encryption Secure Sockets Layer.
The website is protected by Web Server Certificate. Transactions on the site are protected with up to 256-bit encryption Secure Sockets Layer.

After bookings is made

You will automatically receive e-mail with password for your MyTop account. Within 24 hours, you will receive an e-mail confirmation with a link to your voucher.
Upon confirmation of booking, we will send you e-mail confirmation and a link to your voucher. It can be accessed from your personal MyTop account.
It is recommended to present printed voucher at your arrival. For your convenience, we provide the possibility to download .pdf of the voucher and present it directly from your smartphone or tablet.
Your personal account allows reservation changes and cancellations. Enter it in MyTop and use the Amend option in the menu.
Dates may also be changed, but preferably not at the last moment so we can be able to make the amendment.
Our representative will meet you at the airport holding a sign with the logo of Top Rent A Car. Free shuttle service which will be provided to our office (less than 1 minute away).
This is possible through your personal account. Reservations can be canceled/changed 72 hours before the start of the rental period without charges. Cancellations made less than 72 hours before the start of the rental period will be charged a fee of 15% of the final rental price, but not less than the rental price of the car per 1 day.
Yes, but cancellation less than 72 hours before the start of the rental period will be charged a fee of 15% of the final rental price, but not less than the rental price of the car for 1 day.
Car rental agents follow the schedules of the planes, but you should inform us in advance of the change.

At car pick up

To pick up your car on arrival it is mandatory to bring valid driver's license, passport/ID. We recommend to have also credit card for deposit as well as your booking voucher.
The contract for rental will be filled out and the agent will provide a copy.
You will pay the rent and optional extras, if there are any. The full rental amount can also be paid before the pick up.
You can get additional insurance during the pick up procedure.
The refundable security deposit will be blocked on your credit card (refunded at the end of the rental period)
You and the rental agent will look at the car for any kind of damages. In case of scratches they will be marked on the rental agreement.
Deposit is an amount money which is blocked on credit card when you rent the car. The money will remain blocked on your card until the end of the rental period. It serve for pledge to cover the cost of repairs in case of damage (not applicable in case of purchasing full insurance and presence protocol) or in case of lack of fuel, GPS, etc. The deposit can be made in cash but only after the confirmation of the rental agent or office manager and with 50% increase of the amount.
If the customer is late with the returning of the car without informing us, will be charged a fee. If the vehicle is returned after the expiration of the hire contract without notice, the Renter will be charged as follows: up to 4 hours – rate for one day; over 4 hours rate for 2 rental days, over 8 hours – 3 rental days.
Every next driver fits into the contract and should pay fee 1.50 € (max. 30 €)

During car rental

In case of accident it is mandatory to call on the contact phone number listed in the rental agreement as well as 112 and inform the competent authorities (police) then you have to fill Protocol.
For damage on tires you could be charged additional. If you have AI "Extra insurance" you will not be charged. It is concluded for an additional charge on request and released him from liability in case of damage to tires, wheels, windshield and chassis.
To extend the rental you have to inform in advance and visit one of our offices to sign a new contract for the extension. In case of impossibility to extend the rental of the car you are driving, we can offer you an alternative car.
The price for the whole rental will be recalculated on standard price list for the used rental period + 3 days.
You should immediately tell us in case of keys or document loss. The fee for lost documents is: 200 € (including loss of panel cassette or CD). The fee for lost keys also is 200 €.

At car drop off

This is possible only after confirmation from us. Company policy requires when returning the car to be checked for damage and lack of fuel. Lack of keys or documents are subject to an additional charge.
In the absence of the insurance and police report, the customer is responsible for damage up to the deposit amount. We recommend purchasing additional insurance.

After rental is finished

On the day of picking up the vehicle, the deposit amount is blocked / authorized / on your credit card, and then unblocking - / cancellation of the authorization request / as soon as the car is inspected when returning.

MyTop loyalty program

When booking a car through the site you get a username and password for your personal account (MyTop).
MyTop allows you to:
1. Receive additional personal discount based on your bookings number.
2. View your booking history.
3. Review and print your voucher.
4. Make changes to your reservations.
5. Enter your data in Top Xpress in order to shorten the time for filing of documents for rental (recruitment procedures is reduced by up to 15 minutes).
In 1 working day after you make a reservation, you will receive confirmation e-mail from Bookings Department. In your personal account the booking status will automatically change from Pending to Confirmed and you will be able to view and print your voucher.
Reservation voucher provides complete information about the services you have ordered. Each voucher has a unique number.
1. Log into MyTop.
2. Select the booking you want to amend and click on the "Amend" button.
3. Describe the changes in the comment box.
4. Click "Send". Within 24 hours you will receive a reply by e-mail.
1. Log into MyTop.
2. Select the booking you want to amend and click on the "Cancel" button.
3. Describe the changes in the comment box.
4. Click "Send".
1. Log into MyTop.
2. Select "Settings".
3. Fill in the fields "Current Password", "New Password" and "Repeat".
4. Click "Save".
Top Xpress is a service that allows shortening the time for filing of documents for rental. We recommend filling out the information about Top Xpress (in Step 3 of the booking process or to your account in MyTop). This will shorten the time for rental up to 15 minutes
Discount with promo code is calculated along with of your personal discount in MyTop and discount for regular customers and online discount. Therefore, the accumulated discount can reach 40%!
If you notice mismatch between the booking number displayed in your account and the the actual number of bookings made, please contact us.