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Obzor is a small town situated on the Black Sea coast and has one of the longest beaches - length 8 km. It is in municipality Nessebar and on 65 km away from the biggest city on the coast - Varna and in proximity to the biggest summer sea resorts in Bulgaria. Obzor is very beautiful sea town with easy access to many interesting locations and sites with rental car. You could visit all sites and resorts by car.

Top Rent A Car has one office in Obzor, but provides rent a car services in all locations the region:

  • The office of Top Rent A Car is is situated in the center of Obzor on the main road E 87 which connects the South and North Sea coast. The perfect location makes it wonderful for renting a car in Obzor and provides easy and fast access to all points of the Seaside.
  • The office of Top Rent A Car in Obzor offers deliveries in the town and all resorts nearby as well.
  • All offices of Top Rent A Car can be seen here.

Car hire in Obzor

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Rent a car service from Top Rent A Car makes extremely fast and convenient the transportation in the area and all resorts. You can start your trip to the sea coast from Obzor. Top Rent A Car offers direct deliveries of rental cars to all sea and winter resorts in Bulgaria. You can easy reach the beaches of Obzor by hired car, but if you are arriving by plane you could pick up a car from some of our offices - located on the airports.

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