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Terms and Conditions


  • Unlimited mileage (except if limited mileage is provided for a certain offer)
  • Third Party Liability
  • Paid all road taxes for the territory of Republic of Bulgaria
  • CDW – reduces the renter’s liability in case of damage of the vehicle up to the amount of the deposit (excess). CDW is valid only if a protocol from the Police Authorities is presented. Does not cover damage to the vehicle due to driving under the influence of alcohol, other intoxicating substances or due to violation of the Bulgarian Traffic Laws
  • TP – reduces the renter’s liability in case of theft of the vehicle up to the amount of the deposit (excess). TP is valid only if a protocol from the Police Authorities is presented and the car keys and documents are returned
  • Airport surcharge
  • Replacement car in case of technical issue
  • VAT 20%


Renter`s personal requirements:

Renter must have a full driving license. Documents needed for car rental - ID card, passport and credit/debit card. All presented documents at the start of the rental period, must be valid till the last day of the rent.
Renters under 23 years old are allowed to drive ONLY cars from the following car classes: EDMV, EDMR, EWMR, CFMR, IDAR. Renters over 23 years old and with more than 3 year driving experience can drive the mentioned above classes plus classes: FVMR, EDAR, HDAR, FDAR, FWAR, CFAR, CFAV, DDMV, HDMV, FWMR, IVMR, IFAR. Luxury cars (LDAR, LDBE) and SUVs 4x4 (FFAR, FFAD) can be rented only by drivers over 25 years old and with over 3 years driving experience.

Drivers under 23 years or with less than 3 year driving experience must pay an additional “Young driver” fee of 6,00 € per day. The required security deposit is double. Explicit confirmation by the Lessor is required.

Rental period:

Minimal rental period is 24 hours. If the vehicle is returned after the expiration of the hire contract without notice, the Renter will be charged as follows: up to 4 hours – rate for one day; over 4 hours rate for 2 rental days, over 8 hours – 3 rental days.

Method of payment and security deposit:

During the booking process you can complete a partial prepayment (15% of the total price) or a full prepayment using a credit/debit card, bank transfer or Paypal. Your card will be balanced with the text “Modul EOOD” – our company name. If a partial prepayment is chosen, the Renter must pay the remaining price during the pick-up. The accepted methods of payment are Visa, MasterCard, bank transfer or cash payment. During the pick-up process the Renter must leave security deposit by card (Visa or MasterCard) issued on his name, which depends on the different car groups (150 – 800 EUR). With explicit confirmation by the Lessor the deposit could be in cash or with bank transfer as the required amount is higher by 100%. The Lessor reserves the right to reject a deposit in cash.

Car class
by Card
in Cash
MCAC75 €150 €
HDMV, CFMR, DDMV, EDAR200 €not applicable
FWMR, IVMR, HDAR, IDAR300 €not applicable
FVMR, CFAR, CFAV, IFAR400 €not applicable
FDAR, HDAE, CDAE600 €not applicable
LDAR*800 € by Credit Cardnot applicable
FFAD*1200 € by Credit Cardnot applicable
LDBE*1200 € by Credit Cardnot applicable

Information about SIPP codes can be seen HERE.
Cross Border rentals are with double deposit.
*Security deposit mandatory by credit card.

Process of authorization of the deposit and cancellation of its authorization:

On picking up the car, the deposit amount is blocked /authorized on your Credit Card, and on dropping off the car is unblocked /the authirization is cancelled/ after inspection of the car. More information can be seen here.

Full Protection/ Fee "Full coverage":

Is concluded for an additional fee upon request of the customer and provides the following rights:

  • Refund of the deposit in case of damage or theft, including the damage to tires, wheels, windows and undercarriage.
  • Replacement vehicle in case of damage, fire or theft (provided at the nearest office of the company).
  • Free road assistance in case of damage or fire on the territory of Bulgaria.
  • In case of road accident the renter is released from the administrative fee.

Car Class
Full Protection
Summer season from 01.05 to 30.09
Winter season from 01.10 to 30.04
LDAR20 €20 €
FFAD25 €25 €
LDBE25 €25 €

Information about SIPP codes can be seen HERE.

Please note:

In case of paying “Full protection”, the customer gets full immunity from liability, only in case if the protocol from the police is available, returning the keys and documents of the car and it is does not apply in case of drugs and alcohol usage. If the customer does not provide all the documents from the police for the accident - he pays the full amount of the damages, as well as the count of the days needed for fully repair of the car. If the customer does not provide the documents from the police, he will be fully responsible in case of theft or total damage of the car and must pay the full insurance amount of the vehicle. Paying the „Full protection” insurance does not cover partial misses, loss of parts or accessories and damages of the car interior (upholstery, dashboard, seats, coating of trunk and others). In case of lost documents, panel of the audio, CD, registration plate, GPS navigation or keys of the car, additional charges according to the official price list (available in the offices of the company) apply. In case of not paying “Full protection”/ fee „Release from liability“ additional administrative fee of 30 € + fee according to the official price list applies (available in the offices of the company) in case of damage.


The vehicle is rented with a full tank of fuel. Fuel consumption is payable by the Renter. In case the car is returned with less fuel than rented, the Renter must pay for the missing fuel at price 1.50 €/l. and an additional refueling fee of 10 € (except in case of paid fee for "Prepaid fuel").

Prepaid Fuel

In case of paying „Prepaid fuel”, the customer pays the amount of the fuel in advance and gets the option to return the vehicle with not full tank.

Car classFee "Prepaid Fuel"
Ford Fiesta EDMV55 €
Citroen C3 EDMR57 €
Renault Clio IV Grand Tour EWMR57 €
Renault Clio V HDMV57 €
Renault Captur CFMR57 €
VW Golf DDMV68 €
VW Passat Estate FWMR88 €
Toyota Verso IVMR70 €
Renault Trafic FVMR103 €
VW Polo aut EDAR57 €
Renault Clio V aut HDAR60 €
Toyota Corolla aut IDAR68 €
VW Passat Estate aut FWAR88 €
VW Passat aut FDAR88 €
VW T-Roc CFAR57 €
VW T-Cross CFAV57 €
Nissan Qashqai IFAR68 €
Mercedes C-class LDAR95 €
VW Touareg 2019 aut FFAD110 €

One-way rentals:

On request a vehicle can be delivered and picked up in other city or office of Top Rent A Car. Delivery to neighboring countries is possible. Examples for one way rentals:

Pick up Drop offPricePick up Drop offPrice
Sofia Burgas110 €Burgas Varna50 €
Sofia Varna120 €Burgas Primorsko30 €
Sofia Plovdiv50 €Burgas Sozopol20 €
Sofia Bansko80 €Varna Albena20 €
Sofia Borovets65 €Varna Obzor30 €
Sofia Pamporovo100 €Varna Balchik25 €
Sofia Thessaloniki220 €Sofia Bucharest340 €

More one way rentals can be checked HERE.


The deliveries to another city or resort, where Top Rent A Car doesn`t have office are possible on advance request. The time of delivery can vary within 30 minutes.
An additional fee is charged. Locations for example:

Sofia - Airport0 €Byala30 €
Sofia - Address delivery20 €Dobrich30 €
Plovdiv - Airport0 €Elenite*15 €
Plovdiv - Office0 €Golden Sands*15 €
Plovdiv - Address delivery10 €Kiten30 €
Varna - Airport0 €Nessebar*15 €
Varna - Office0 €Obzor30 €
Varna - Address delivery10 €Pamporovo50 €
Burgas - Airport0 €Pomorie*10 €
Burgas - Office0 €Ravda*15 €
Burgas - Address delivery10 €Saints Constantine and Helena*10 €
Albena20 €Sveti Vlas*15 €
Aheloy*10 €Sunny Beach*15 €
Balchik25 €Sunny Day*10 €
Bancko80 €Sozopol20 €
Blagoevgrad65 €Thessaloniki - Greece220 €
Borovets65 €Bucharest - Romania220 €

All locations marked as "*" are with free delivery during the summer season (01.05-30.09).
More locations serviced by Top Rent a car can be seen HERE.
If the car is dropped off on the same place as pick up - the fee applies once more.


Examples of transfer services by Top Rent A Car:

DestinationCar (3 seats)Mini Van (4 seats)Mini bus (8 seats)
Sofia - Varna180 €210 €240 €
Sofia - Bansko65 €75 €90 €
Sofia - Borovets38 €50 €52 €
Sofia - Istanbul270 €320 €340 €
Sofia - Burgas162 €175 €185 €
Burgas - Varna70 €80 €90 €
Burgas - Sunny Beach22 €27 €32 €
Varna - Albena22 €32 €35 €
Varna - Golden Sands15 €20 €24 €

More prices of transfer services can be checked HERE.

Additional driver, equipment and accessories:

Both the main driver and every additional driver must provide their valid documents personally upon pick up of the vehicle. Documents needed for car rental - driving license, ID card or passport and credit/debit card. All presented documents at the start of the rental period, must be valid till the last day of the rent.

An additional fee per day applies as follows:

ExtraPrice per dayMax. Price
Additional driver1,50 €30 €
Child seat4,00 €/day40 €
Booster seat2,50 €/day25 €
Ski racks - if available4,00 €/day
Anti-skid snow chains (purchase - remain for the customer)25 € one-time fee
GPS navigation4,00 €/day60 €
Mobile WiFi HOTSPOT2,00 €

Non working hours fee:

If the vehicle is rented or returned in non working hours, an additional fee of 20.00 € applies. Working hours: Monday – Sunday 09:00h – 19:00h. On official public holidays - Easter, Christmas (24.12, 25.12, 26.12), New Year (31.12, 01.01) the fee is - 09:00-19:00 - 20 €; 19:00-09:00 - 40 €.

Cross border rentals:

Border exit: Cross borders are allowed to Turkey (European part), Greece, Romania, North Macedonia, Serbia on request. An additional administrative fee depending on the cаtegory applies. The mentioned fee is for 1 country only. For each additional country the fee is 50 % from the first one. The required security deposit for cross border rental is double.

Car Class
by Card
in Cash
PROMO, EDMV, EDMR, EWMR50 €300 €not applicable
HDMV,CFMR, EDAR60 €400 €not applicable
HDAR60 €600 €not applicable
DDMV80 €400 €not applicable
FWMR, IVMR, IDAR80 €600 €not applicable
FDAR80 €1200 €not applicable
FVMR, CFAV, CFAR, IFAR100 €800 €not applicable
FFAD120 €2000 € by Credit Cardnot applicable
LDAR120 €1600 € by Credit Cardnot applicable

For rent with cross border deposit in cash is not allowed

Crossing border to other countries, different from mentioned above is possible only after explicit confirmation by the Lessor. An individual offer for administrative fee and security deposit is prepared.

After confirmation by Top Rent A Car, the Renter must send scanned legible copy of driver's license and passport for issuing the necessary documents at least 3 working days before the rental. Restrictions may apply.

Information for SIPP codes can be seen HERE.

Cancellation/amendment and refund policy:

A confirmed booking can be cancelled/amended no less than 72 hours before the pick-up time free of charge. In case of a booking cancellation/amend less than 72 hours before the pick-up time, a fee of 15% of the total rental price will be charged, but no less than the price for 1 rental day. In case of a no show, the prepayment will be not refunded. All booking prepayments will be fully refunded, if an alternative vehicle can not be provided.

If the client is forced to cancel their reservation in the last moment (less than 72 hours before the beginning of the rent), due to State of emergency declared in their country and border lockdown and their flight has been cancelled because of that, then the cancellation period is extended until the moment of pick-up.
In this type of cancellations there are no additional fees and the full prepaid amount will be kept as a credit for client's next reservations. The prepaid amount will not be refunded, but a virtual voucher will be issued for the amount of the prepaid amount. These vouchers will be valid for the next 12 months for future rents.
If the flight has been cancelled due to a declaration of a State of emergency and the client was not able to pick up the vehicle, but have NOT informed the LESSOR before the rent begins, then the prepaid amount is kept as a forfeit in full.

Additional information:

The branding of the booked vehicle can be removed if there is a written request from the LESSEE. If the request has received a written approval from the LESSOR, the stickers can be removed only after that. The ad branding removal fee is on the price of 20 euro for standard cars and and by individual offer for minibuses and LCVs. Some restrictions are possible. The stickers must be removed from a Top Rent A Car employee. In case of unauthorized branding stickers removal, the LESSEE will be charged 40 euro for standard cars and 240 euro for minibuses and LCVs. If the removal has damaged the dye or polish, there is an additional fee, which cost will be determined according the established price list of the LESSOR.

No Show

In all cases of `No show`, without notice in advance, the LESSEE will receive no refund of the prepaid money and the reservation will be canceled from the car schedule. A ‘No-show’ are all cases when the LESSEE:

  • wishes to cancel but have not inform us before the rental is due to start;
  • is unable to pick up the car at the agreed time and date due to some circumstances when the LESSEE did not notify Top Rent A Car. The exception is customers who have indicated arriving by flight and have provided its number when their delay was due to a delayed or canceled flight;
  • fails to provide a valid ID and full driving license required when picking up the vehicle;
  • does not have sufficient funds to pay the full price of the reservation and / or cannot leave a deposit for the car according to the conditions for the respective class.

Extension of car rental reservation after pick-up:

In case the Lessee would like to extend his reservation, he needs to send an inquiry by email or by phone call to the Reservation department of the company. The price for extension will be calculated according to the most current price list taking into consideration the total number of the rental days. Our advice is to ask for an extension of the car rental as soon as possible in order to avoid the danger of the depletion of the availability.

When the extended rental includes cross border, a fee of 20 € is applying for extension of the driving abroad power of attorney with up to 7 days. In case of extensions for more than 7 days the driving abroad power of attorney must be reissued and new one-time cross border fee according to the price list is applicable.

Please, note: Upon confirmation by the Lessor of the possibility of extending the rental, the Lessee must pay the full price for the additional days in order to confirm the extension of the rental agreement. Once the payment has been made, the necessary documents will be available at the rental location of the company where the vehicle was provided for pick-up. Top Rent A Car is not responsible for the consequences in case the customer did not take the new documents.

Guarantee for class:

Please note, that Top Rent A Car reserves its right to provide a higher car class compared to the booked one.


Top Rent A Car provides discounts to loyal customers. After the first confirmed booking, our website will give you discounts as follows:

  • After first confirmed reservation - 3%
  • After second confirmed reservation - 5%
  • After third confirmed reservation - 10%
  • After sixth confirmed reservation - 15%

More information for our loyalty program can be seen HERE
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