About Top Rent A Car

Top Rent A Car is the leading national car rental company in Bulgaria. We operate with the largest fleet in the country, which currently consists of over 2000 cars, 90% of which are brand new or up to 3 years old. We offer national coverage of the service through more than 13 offices in the country and deliveries to every Bulgarian city and resort, as well as to major airports in the Balkans.

Top Rent A Car has the largest car fleet in Bulgarian


Providing professional high quality car rental service to our customers is the main goal of Top Rent A Car. We pay particular attention to the customer satisfaction measurement and improvement. We achieved to be #1 rated car rental company operating in Bulgaria (according to ReviewCentre, TrustPilot, GoogleLocal) and we keep improving the quality by providing professional service, technical innovations, new cars and competitive prices.


  • 2023 - Newly opened offices near Burgas and Varna airports, as well as Plovdiv Airport.
  • 2022 - We have developed the first automated online affiliate program for rental cars in Bulgaria
  • 2022 - Open head office in Sofia, next to Sofia Airport and Sofiyska Sveta Gora Metro Station.
  • 2022 - We have increased our fleet and now operate more than 2000 new cars, the company's employees are over 160.
  • 2021 - New city office in Sofia next to Alexander Malinov Metro Station, Shell petrol station
  • 2020 - New office in Plovdiv, 221 "6-ti Septemvri" bldv. (Billa parking lot)
  • 2019 - Top Rent A Car increases its fleet to +1800 cars
  • 2018 - New office locations Sofia Airport - at Terminal 1 and Terminal 2 - Arrivals Hall.
  • 2018 - Top Rent A Car became the first car rental company in Bulgaria which offers the brand new premium electric vehicle Tesla Model S for rent and offers а various choice of electric and hybrid cars
  • 2017 - New office location in Sozopol, Sozopol Stadium office 15
  • 2017 - Top Rent A Car became the first car rental company in Bulgaria which offers hybrid vehicles
  • 2017 - The low cost brands CarsVarna, CarsBurgas and CarsSofia were united in brand new platform - LowCostCars.
  • 2017 - Top Rent A Car increase its fleet to +1200 cars and 90 employees.
  • 2016 - New office in Obzor (main road Е87)
  • 2016 - New office (meeting point) in Balchik, 69 Cherno more str.
  • 2016 - New office location at Burgas Galleria Mall.
  • 2015 - A new service has been launched: Cargo van rental by Top Rent A Car
  • 2015 - Top Rent A Car is the first Bulgarian company to offer electric vehicles rental - the hit model Twizy
  • 2014 - Top Rent A Car increase its fleet to over 800 cars
  • 2014 - 2 new office locations are opened at Golden Sands and Sunny Beach
  • 2013 - New downtown office at Burgas Plaza Mall
  • 2010 - Low cost brands CarsVarna, CarsBurgas and CarsSofia were started
  • 2009 - Top Rent A Car opens new office locations in Varna Airport and Burgas Airport
  • 2008 - Top Rent A Car become official partner of PAYLESS in Bulgaria
  • 2006 - New office location next to Sofia Airport, Terminal 2
  • 2006 - Top Lease brand for operational leasing is established
  • 2004 - Top Rent A Car opens its first office location in Sofia Downtown
  • 2004 - The official website toprentacar.bg is launched
  • 2003 - Top Rent A Car is established with a fleet of 15 cars and office location in Varna


We are cooperating successfully with wide range of local and international partners such as Global Distribution Systems, Tour Operators, Travel Agencies, Hotels, Real Estate Agencies, Logistic Companies e.t.c. We have developed affiliate program where hundreds of website owners took part by integrating our web booking widget. Learn more about the partnership program here.

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Top Rent A Car team
Receiving brand new Ford Custom, Varna 2022