3G WiFi device manual

Turn on device by pressing the POWER button for 5 sec.

wireless network name toprentacar-wifi
WiFi password: top12345

Problems that may arise with the 3G WiFi device:

- The WiFi network is not visible:
Solution: hold the “refresh” button for 5-10 seconds.
The wireless network name is “toprentacar-wifi”. If you don`t see it on your phone/tablet/laptop device the most common cause is that the WiFi module of the device is turned off. If you don`t see on the 3G WiFi device`s display the WiFi icon (image 1 – 1) hold the refresh button (image 2) for 5-10 seconds. This will turn on the WiFi module and you should see the WiFi network.

1. WiFi network
2. Signal strength

image 1

image 2