3G WiFi device manual

Turn on device by pressing the POWER button for 5 sec.

wireless network name toprentacar-wifi
WiFi password: top12345

Problems that may arise with the 3G WiFi device:

1. The WiFi network is not visible:
Solution: hold the “refresh” button for 5-10 seconds.
The wireless network name is “toprentacar-wifi”. If you don`t see it on your phone/tablet/laptop device the most common cause is that the WiFi module of the device is turned off. If you don`t see on the 3G WiFi device`s display the WiFi icon (image 1 – 1) hold the refresh button (image 2) for 5-10 seconds. This will turn on the WiFi module and you should see the WiFi network.

2. In case your device can`t load any page, although the network signal strength is good (image 1 – 2), most likely the data limit of the device is reached. You can add additional data (10GB data packet) using the following link http://turbo.lp.telenor.bg
If the data limit is reached you will see a graph showing “0 remaining megabytes” and an option to add 10 GB data packet more. Please choose this option.

You will NOT be charged anything, if you add 10 GB data packet!
The link should be opened through a device connected to the 3g WiFi router!

1. WiFi network
2. Signal strength

image 1

image 2