What not to do when police stops you

What not to do when police stops you

Stopping the vehicle

Police check most often begins when the driver is being stopped by the police. For this purpose, the officers waved up high "stop" baton. He's dressed with police uniform. In this situation, the driver is required to slow down, light a signal for maneuver, ie right turn signal, and park in a permitted place so as not to interrupt the traffic. In case of failure to follow any of these requirements it would result in a violation of the law and will lead to appropriate action by the traffic police.


The procedure should be strictly followed. The police officer should go to the vehicle and introduce himself. Afterwords he'll ask for the personal ID and driver license. Don't forget to check the expiration date of your documents and also to renew them when needed. This will avoid administrative fees!

Necessary documents:

ID card driver, driving license, valid certificate of registration, valid certificate of insurance, vignete. Police is checking all these papers. Make sure you have a first aid kit, warning triangle, fire extinguisher and spare wheel (rim with tire). The absence of any of the above would result in a fine to the driver, so we should not ignore them when driving.

Check for alcohol

You may be checked for alcohol. Drinking and driving is strictly prohibited by law and if you break the law it can lead to serious consequences: withdrawal of the license and to impose penalty. Our advice is seriously to consider the consequences of your actions and not to drink alcohol when driving.


Here are a few tips that should not ignore:

  • In drafting an act of administrative violation must read the content carefully
  • Remember that you have 3 days from the signing of the act, which can appeal to "management traffic police"

The team of Top Rent A Car encourages you to familiarize yourself with your rights to be able to respond adequately to a police check and save yourself time and hassle with the police. Do not break the law on the road!