Useful tips for camping

Useful tips for camping

Those ones who love open spaces, who want to escape from the repeating day life, they would appreciate camping as an exciting and funny experience. Plan your vacation in the Mountains with a rent a car from class SUV from Top Rent A Car. Choose a proper camping in the Mountains as an alternative to the hotels, that will be full of emotions and great memories. Be prepared with the tips of Top Rent A Car.

Important things you should take for the trip?

  • Cash/Credit cards
  • Matches
  • Toiletries
  • Flash light and spare batteries
  • Rain gear
  • All necessary clothing plus estra
More essentials
  • Tent
  • Tarps
  • Sleeping bags
  • Food and water
  • First aid kit
Other stuff to bring
  • Sunscreen
  • Folding chairs
  • Hammer
  • Bug spray
  • Cooking and eating untensils
  • Watch
  • Radio

How to handle with the mosquitoes?

The mosquitoes are little annoying insects sucking blood (only female). Don't worry about them during the winter because they hybernate. Do worry when it's warm and the humidity is high, they are active then.

  • Pepermin oil
  • Beautyberry
  • Catnip
What attracts a mosquito?
  • Blond hair
  • Perfumes with floral scents
  • Dark colors
  • Larger people
  • Down and dusk

How to build a campfire?

Gather tinder, kindling and fuel together in the sizes and quantities described bellow.

  • The tinder should be as thin around the size of a pencil lead, no shorter than your outstretched hand. Gather enough tinder to fill a circle made with your hands.
  • The kindling don't have be thicker than your thumb and about as long as your elbow to your fingertips. The stack have be enough for a generous armload.
  • Fuel should be dry, as thick as your wrist, about as long as your arm, and the stack should be as high as your knee.
Building the campfire should proceed as follow:
  1. Bend the tinder in half and light the center.
  2. Add kindling , keep piling it on loosely, give the fire plenty of kindling to keep growing.
  3. As the kindling begins to burn begin adding fuel.

How to sleep warm during the night?

  • Go to bed warm
    Do a few jumping jacks, push ups - just enough to warm yourself up but before you star sweating. If you get in a sleeping bag when you are cold you'll likely stay cold.
  • Fuel up
    If it’s going to be a very cold night considers a pre-bedtime snack that will keep the furnace burning. Slow burning fatty snacks are better than refined sugars or caffeine.
  • Water
    You need to be well hydrated to stay warm. How much water to drink within the hour or two before you go to sleep is determined by how fast you process it? If nature calls in the middle of the night get up and go! Holding it in makes you colder and remember to cover your head while going out.
  • Wear Only Dry Clothes
    As soon as you reach the camp change your damp clothes which you wore during the day trekking. If you wear them to sleeping bag you will have to heat your damp clothes before you get warm.
  • Use Your Trekking Water Bottle
    Consider using you trekking water bottle filled with hot water and keeping it in sleeping bag to you’re your feet warm. This will also serve other purpose of keeping that water bottle at body temperature so that you don’t have to drink freezing water.
  • Wear A Warm Skull Cap
    We lose heat from our heads. It’s not an old wives’ tale; wear a hat to keep your feet warm.
  • Keep Your Nose And Mouth Outside
    Don’t put your nose and mouth into your sleeping bag. Moisture from breathing will make the bag and your clothing damp.
  • Keep Off The Ground
    Sleeping warm suggests that insulating you from the bottom. A decent insulating pad is vital it gives much needed insulation from snow beneath the tent or from cold surface.
  • Sleeping Bag Socks
    If you get cold feet try keeping a enthusiastic pair of thick, loose swindle or wool socks worn only in the resting bag.
  • Shake Up Your Bag
    Whatever type of insulation is in your sleeping bag it will be compacted from packing. Do a good job of shaking and redistribute the filling before you get in the bag.

Here you can find detailed information about campings in Bulgaria and how to go there by rent a car.