Traffic signalization. Terms and conditions

Traffic signalization. Terms and conditions

There are few factors essential for safety and smooth functioning of the traffic: knowledge of the traffic signаlization and knowledge of the traffic rules.
Drivers need to know how to recognize the road markings, traffic signs and traffic lights very well. This will help big number of car accidents to be avoided. Of course, this will take effect only if all the participants in the traffic are well prepared and act properly.

Traffic lights

It is obvious that if traffic lights exist, they are placed where everybody can see them. The problem is that not everybody act properly to the signals and that is the reason for car accidents.
When the traffic light is red, it means - STOP. If you don't stop, there will be a fine of 100 lv! Always pay attention of the traffic light for the pedestrians. If you don't stop when they have cross permission, there will be a fine as well. We advise you to be careful in situations like this. Make sure that it is your turn and then continue.


Fast driving in the city is another important topic to pay attention of. It can be really dangerous if driving fast and do not stop on red light, so think twice before you do that! Remember that if today you are the driver, tomorrow you can be the pedestrian. Top Rent A Car advises you to be careful behind the driving wheel and always to follow the traffic rules.