Purpose of the trunk

Purpose of the trunk

Sometimes the trunk of the vehicle loses its real purpose and become a storage place. It shouldn't be like that. It is not a place where to put your unused things. Furthermore it is not safe to keep your belongings there, because it is possible to damage them or trunk's upholstery.

The trunk is useful area, with purpose to ensure comfort when transporting luggage and loads. So it is important to take some time to clean it and remove what is unnecessary. This way it will be used by purpose.
It is good to know that if your load is to heavy it will affect your fuel consumption.

The cargo affects to the dynamics of the car

The presence of load influences to:

  • the brakes. You can notice it on wet road;
  • stability (the more load, the more unstable the car);
  • the behavior of the car during turning;
  • the angle of illumination of the headlights;

It is necessary when you arrange your luggage in the trunk, to do it very well. This is done in order to prevent wobbling and scatters during the journey. Baggage without order can move and hit the walls of the trunk, creating discomfort to passengers and possibly of being damaged. The noises coming from the trunk they can distract the driver and affect his reactions while driving. Therefore we advise you not to neglect the importance of ordered trunk.