Lost and found

What to do if you lost your passport/ ID in another country?

Your vacation abroad is so exciting and interesting, you're visiting sightseeing, stopping everywhere: museums, parks and so on. Moreover, suddenly you realize that your wallet is gone. The worst scenarios pass through your head for a moment and you start asking yourself countless questions like:

  • "What I'm going to do without my documents?"
  • "How I'm going to get back home?"
  • "When I saw them for the last time?"

In such moment everyone would lose his mind and will feel panic. It will be hard to keep calm, but this is very important. It is very important not to be alone in a situation like this. He or she will be the one who thinks clear and will help you to calm down.

Here is our advice what to do in such situation:

  • First of all you should check precisely all your clothes and hand bags, because it can be false alert. If it's like that, your shock will be shorter.
  • After you make sure that your wallet/purse is really gone, you have to remember when you sow them for the last time, and are you sure that you took them with you before you go out?
  • You'll realize that your documents are lost when you remember that you have paid with your wallet/purse earlier this day...That's bad!
  • If you are taking tour in a museum for example, and there is a group of people with you, the possibility someone to find your documents is big.
  • Tell the people who work there what happened, and ask for help. No doubt that they'll help you.
  • We advise you to go all the way back and search for the lost documents everywhere you were. You'll became nervous and it will be hard for you to stay calm. It is very important not to be alone, but with someone who know you.
  • You're where the tour starts and the last place left to check in is the "lost and found". Hope and scary are fighting in your mind and you're waiting to hear if someone has found it or not. Don't give up, explain exactly how your wallet/purse looks like, so it will be easy to be recognized.
  • The moment of truth comes next...you've hold your breath and shaking. Then you see it, it is your so valuable wallet/purse the one that scared you so much. You'll feel release and gratitude to the people who found it.

We've represented a story with happy end, but it can be otherwise. If your documents are not there you should call your embassy immediately. All the lost and found documents are kept there temporary (about 2-4 months).

It is necessary to inform the police and they will issue a document certifying that the real passport is lost or stolen.

If by chance you've lost your documents in rent a car, you have to call and ask about them right away. The National phone number of Top Rent A Car is 0700 890 50. Make sure that if your documents were left in one of our cars, you'll have them soon.