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How to drive carefully during the winter?

The driving is an activity that should be concentrate in, to be aware of the vehicle, and to act properly in different situations. To be good driver are required also: fast reactions, agility, predictability, wits and experience. Driving safely is more or less related to the above criteria, but also with the knowledge of traffic rules and the road conditions. That's how all these skills can help in winter conditions.


The concentration is important, because it keeps you focused in driving the rental car. Every distraction can affect your safety driving in winter conditions. If there is ice, you have less time to react and it can be difficult to stop the car and avoid an accident.

Knowing the car

Knowing the car is to recognize the signals that it gives you in different situations. Please use your senses: sight, hearing, smell, feeling a change in temperature. The cues and knowing how to handle with them will give you confidence on the road during the winter.

Speed ​​and agility

These are the skills that you must have in case of loss of concentration or when unexpected situations comes up in winter conditions. Backed up by knowledge of what to do, speed and agility you will avoid car crash or quarrels.

Predictability, wits and experience

Predictability is the ability to expect what will happen in a given situation and be to be prepared to react.
Tact - this is the right solution to take in this situation. The experience shows your previous approach in a given situation, and based on it you will be able to avoid the mistakes that you have made or you can repeat proper approach in the situation.

Traffic rules and traffic conditions

These two criteria are closely related. You learn about the traffic rules during the driving courses, but only experience and practice can establish that knowledge. Winter is the time when the cars are quite demanding, and you need to treat them carefully. Cold, low temperatures and ice on the road can lead to: greater stopping distances, possibility of skidding, and spinning in one place. Our advice in these situations are:

  • To reduce the stopping distances to a minimum, observe the road signs and drive at a distance from the previous vehicle.
  • The low speed will allow for easier stopping in winter.
  • The skidding as a result of high speed during turning. So be careful when turning and do not accelerate sharply.
  • When you do not want the tires of your rental car to sink in the snow or spin in one place you must turn the Traction control on, or you should drive off very smoothly, almost without pushing the gas pedal.