Evaluation of the possibilities of cargo van rentals

Evaluation of the possibilities of cargo van rentals

Once you have identified the requirements for cargo van, you can proceed with the selection.

10 criteria to consider when choosing cargo van rental

  1. Cargo van class
    There is great variety of types of cargo vans to choose between (from compact to large size).
  2. Maximum payload
    In our car fleet you can select cargo vans with payload from 500 kg to 2300 kg.
  3. Cargo volume
    What cargo space is needed (in m3)? Our cargo vans have useful loading area from 0,3 m3 to 16 m3.
  4. Load length
    Most manufacturers offer two types wheelbase: short and long.
  5. Load height
    Regarding the height there are also different possibilities from which you can choose. When the cargo van has higher roof top, it allows easier positioning of the cargo and easier exploitation by the workers (loading and unloading).
  6. HP
    It is recommended for larger loads to choose vans with larger engines, but it leads to higher fuel consumption.
  7. Fuel type
    Top Rent A Car offers only diesel cargo vans. They are much more fuel efficient, compared to the gasoline ones. Definitely they are better if you are going to drive them long distances.
  8. Side door
    It is good to ask yourself how are you going to load/unload the cargo van. Sliding side doors have excellent advantage because of the wider opening range they have. There is possibility to choose between 1 or 2 sliding siding doors.
  9. Windows
    There are few options of windows positioning:
    Cargo van with windows all around.
    Windows only on the rear doors.
    No windows.
    The first option has greater visibility. Choosing no windows option allows your cargo to be more safer, because no one can see it.
  10. Comfort in the driver's cabin
    Central locking, power windows, electrical mirrors, cruise control, music player/radio.
    It would be a major inconvenience if there is no central locking because the driver should check whether each door is locked. In case of forgotten unlocked door, this will lead to a risk for the load.
    Mechanical adjustment of windows and mirrors while driving may lead to driver's distraction and may cause an accident.
    It is better cargo vans that travel long distances to be equipped with cruise control, which will provide more comfort and will help the fatigue to be reduced.
    The journey is much more pleasant with music. Think about the convenience of the driver when choosing equipment. Comfortable long distance driving is equal to greater productivity!

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