Why is it better to rent a light commercial vehicle (LCV) when moving?

Advantages of the light commercial vehicles when moving

Why is it better to rent cargo van when moving?

  • Affordable - Most people choose to rent a cargo van and move their stuff by themselves instead of paying a company to do that. All you need to do is just to rent a LCV (light commercial vehicle) and ask some friends to give you a hand. Believe it or not you will be able to cut your expenses significantly. No matter how far you should transfer your belongings, there is no additional millage fee!
  • Flexibility - When renting a cargo van you can schedule your own time and will not depend on anyone.
  • Reliability - The safety of your belongings will be your responsibility. You do not have to worry that something may be lost or damaged.

The difference between cargo van and a passenger vehicle is the cargo compartment allowing transportation of cargo instead of people.

Tips for loading cargo van

  1. Make an arrangement plan of the things that will be transported;
  2. Consider the height and length of the cargo compartment;
  3. Be careful when driving loaded. Keep in mind the braking distance;
  4. Consider the turning radius when driving larger cargo van and lower your speed!;
  5. Be careful when driving in reverse. The LCV has limited visibility when reversing and therefore you can use help in this maneuver;
  6. Be aware of the requirements, speed and signs on the road;
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