Our promise

In 2016 Top Rent A Car officially became the first car rental company in Bulgaria who included guaranteed make, model and year of production of car fleet.
Thanks to this innovation, YOU - our customers can be sure that you will take exactly what you've chosen.
In order to make it easy for you to recognize the guaranteed innovations we've selected few examples that you can see below.

When you see the labels and the icons:

  1. "Guaranteed make and model";
  2. The icon "2016 or 2015/2016";
  3. "2016 year guaranteed";
  4. The icon "Automatic gear box";
  5. The icon "Integrated GPS navigation";
  6. The icon "Diesel";
...you can be sure, that it will be like that. The icons "Automatic gear box" and "Integrated GPS navigation" are showing that the selected vehicle has them. You can find that information in step 2 of the reservation process.