Our promise

Since 2016, Top rent A Car officially has become the very first car rental company in Bulgaria, introducing conditions of guaranteed brand, model and year of manufacturing of our vehicles. During the years the company has continued developing the conditions in this regard. Today, over 95% of our vehicles are with a guaranteed brand, model and year of manufacturing, as well as other characteristics guaranteed like fuel type and navigation system.

Thanks to these conditions, you, our customers, can rest assured that you will be provided with the exact brand and model of the car that you have been chosen in the moment of your reservation.

In order to make easier recognizing the more important characteristics of the vehicles when choosing a rental car, we have added symbols associating a specific feature. This way one can be ascertained if the car has built-in navigation, what is the year of its production and even the fuel type.

Here's what all the symbols you see around the car photos on our website mean:

The promise of Top Rent A Car

Brand and model of the car, where you can also see if they are guaranteed or not. Its important to mention that non guaranteed car brand and model will be shown as either “or similar” or with the brand and model of the other possible car option.
All of the diesel vehicles that we offer for rent are marked with yellow label next to the car’s brand name
Built-in navigation system symbol - assures you that the vehicle comes with a built-in navigation
Valuable information about the booking frequency of this specific car
Manufacturing year of the vehicle
Added symbols indicating important car accessories- the presence of App Connect connectivity is shown in the exemplary photo
Automatic transmission symbol
Green label, showing that the car is running on electricity
Symbol, showing that the vehicle is 100% electrical