How do you charge a rental electric car?

How to charge an electric car

Free Charging

When you hire an electric car, you decide where and when to charge it. With good time management and route planning, you will be able to charge only at free stations in Bulgaria. Their number is constantly increasing, with a few of them in almost every big Bulgarian city. So, in addition to the pleasure of driving an electric car, you minimise travel costs and save money. Sounds great, doesn’t it?

Where do we charge rental electric cars

Charging Cards

If, however, you decide to charge at paid stations, you can use the cards for quick and easy payment you will receive from us, along with the car documents. They are valid at the most popular charging stations in Bulgaria: Fines Charging and Eldrive. How it works: you charge using the cards and pay us at the end of the rental. We will give you detailed information about the electricity you have consumed at those stations.

The current price per kWh:

  • Eldrive station: about BGN 0.50/kWh + BGN 0.50 initial fee
  • Fines Charging station: you can charge at a price of BGN 0.29/kWh to BGN 0.45/kWh

The prices shown above may vary depending on the type of station and whether they include VAT. Up-to-date information on the price per kWh can be found directly at the charging station.

Fines Charging card for charging an electric carEldrive card for charging an electric car

* If you have any questions about or problems with the charging station, please contact the provider directly. You will find a contact number on the station itself.

How is an electric car charged?

  1. We recommend you download PlugShare or another similar app to your smart device. You can use it to find the nearest charging station. You can also find a map of charging stations in Bulgaria here.

  2. Unlock the car and open the charging cap.

  3. At most paid stations, the cable is attached directly to them. Unhook and connect the cable to the electric vehicle at the designated place. For stations without a cable, use the one you will find in the boot of your rental car.

  4. Press Start on the station screen. If free, charging will start. If paid, you can use any of the cards we provide along with the car documents.

  5. After charging is complete, you have to stop the process from the car multimedia and from the station screen. If you used a charging cable from the car boot, make sure you put it back. Continue your journey.

The electric car must be returned with a charge of at least 80%. Otherwise, an administrative fee will be charged.

Charging from Standard Sockets

Every electric car hired from us can be charged from a standard socket. However, this charging method is very slow. To optimise travel time on long journeys, we recommend using a charging station.

Electric Car Charging Cables

In every electric car, you will find charging adapters and cables. There are different types that allow connecting and charging at different stations and different power levels. The table shows the cables you will receive from us with each electric car, as well as the charging ports for the electric cars we offer for rent.

CarCablesCharging Port
Peugeot e-208- Type 2 to Type 2Type 2
VW ID.3- Type 2 to Type 2Type 2Combo CCS
Dacia Spring- Type 2 to Type 2Type 2
Nissan Leaf- Type 2 to Type 2Type 2CHAdeMO

Please note that we are not responsible for any difficulties you may experience when charging the electric car, as we only offer them for rent. If the battery runs out before you can charge it, you will cover the cost of moving the car to the nearest charging station.