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General information about Veliki Preslav

Ancient tower in Veliki Preslav
Ancient tower in Veliki Preslav

Veliki Preslav is 20 km away from Shumen, 100 km from Varna, situated at the foot of the Preslav Mountain is situated Veliki Preslav. It is a small town with centuries of history. Nearby sites: Ticha dam, dam Sushina and Kamchiya river. Due to its natural resources, the region is very picturesque and beautiful place. It is known for its rich cultural heritage and was one of the most beautiful cities in Southeast Europe.

Preslav was the second Bulgarian capital after Pliska, and then appeared first Bulgarian literary school. It is Known also for its many historical monuments, golden treasure and numerous archaeological finds. At the time of the Bulgarian King Simeon - the Great, who ruled there, Bulgaria has reached a large size and spans three seas.

Tourist sighteseeing around Veliki Preslav

Ruins in Veliki Preslav
Ruins in Veliki Preslav

Ancient walls and excavations

The area is surrounded by ancient walls that encircle the internal and external city. Most exciting in the inner city is the throne room and home of the ruler. There are ancient towers, basilica, ancient baths, markets and the famous rounded or also called "Golden Church". It has beautiful architecture, unique decor and marble mosaics and beams. And all these beautiful monuments, combined with the incredible natural beauty makes it a great place for a tourists walks. In Veliki Preslav was the famous "Golden Age", which is known as the best period for Bulgarian literature and architecture. You can also visit the area and preserve "Patleina". There you could see the ancient monastery "St. Panteleimon", which dates from the 10th century.

Fortress wall in Veliki Preslav
Fortress wall in Veliki Preslav


In the area besides unique nature, you can visit many attractions. You can visit the National Historical and Archaeological Reserve and Museum. The internal city of V. Preslav The internal city of V. Preslav" The museum has valuable items, numbering 35 000 subjects, for watching are set around 1700. But above all there, you can see world-famous Golden Treasure. Furthermore, there is a collection of stamps (near the city were found the biggest collection of about 500 stamps). Among the archaeological finds around the city is found ceramic icon of St. Theodore Stratilat and ceramic iconostasis Palace Monastery.

According to Trip Advisor the best hotels in Veliki Preslav are:

  • Omurtagov most
  • Guest House “Bolyarski Stan”

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Veliki Preslav is a great choice for a day or a few days holiday. You can enjoy the beautiful nature, unique natural monuments and historical sites. You can see all the sights and the natural phenomena of the area or go for a walk to other places of interest such as Shumen, Madara, Pliska.

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