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General information about Tryavna

Clock tower in Tryavna
Clock tower in Tryavna

Tryavna is situated in Central-North Bulgaria. You can see the cultural heritage and architecture from the Renaissance. Many visitors from Bulgaria and forign countries are taking a tour every year in Tryavna. The town in located 20 km eastern from Gabrovo, about 260 km western from Varna and 226 km from Sofia. In the XXII century the town was called "Tarnava". Nowadays it is still keeping the spirit and history from the people living there.

The main activities during the years were: icon painting, wood carving, kazaslak and mutafchiistvo, kuyumdzhiystvo, braiding, construction and others, and later Tryavna dealing with sericulture and rose oil. In the mid 17th century in the town has arrisen the oldest Renaissance Art School - Tryavna's. Plan your trip with a rental car from Top Rent A Car, to visit Tryavna.

Tryavna from above - video with drone

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Tourist sightseeing around Tryavna

Tryavna river
Tryavna river
  • Tryavna's houses
    Houses with own architectural design (ground floors with irregular forms, upper floors featured wooden bow-windows, the roofs were covered with well arranged rocks). One of the most impressive is Daskalovata house with carved ceilings. The houses, built of Dimitar Sergyuv: Kalinchevata House (1830) Dobrev (1834) Sergev (1841), Raykov (1846) Kirev (1851). Kalintshev Raykov and houses a cultural monument of national importance.
  • Renaissance Square
    An unique Renaissance Square with a clock tower are symbols of the town. You can find also the old school (shkolo).
  • Arched stone bridge
    Another point of interest is the arched stone bridge built by Dimitar Sergyuv in 1844-1845; it has also become a symbol of the town.


Visit the oldest church in Tryavna - "St. Archangel Michael "and St. George Church, built between 1848-1852 by Dimitar Sergyuv with your rental car. Visit also: Bozhentsi, Skortsite, Velentsi, Kumanite, Voinitsite, Popovtsi (Chernovruh), Genchovtsi, Enchovtsi, Bozhkovtsi, Bizhevtsi, Radantsi, Plachkovtsi

Tryavna - national revival architecture
Tryavna - national revival architecture


Zmeyuva dupka and Marina (Parova) dupka in Genchovtsi village.

  • National park "Bulgarka"
  • Geographic center of Bulgaria - Uzana
  • Specialized museum of woodcarving and icon painting
  • Old school (Staroto shkolo)
  • Museum of the icon
    At the end of their tour the tourists can relax in the garden in front of the museum and admire the fountain.

Events in Tryavna

  • Slaveykov's holidays
  • Festival "Balkan sings and tells"

Hotels and restaurants in Tryavna

The best hotels in Tryavna, according to Trip Advisor are:

  • Kalina Palace Hotel
  • The Seasons Hotel
  • Hotel Complex Tryavna

The best restaurants in Tryavna, according to Trip Advisor are:

  • Tryavna Beer Housе
  • Balabanovata kashta
  • Starata Loza

Car hire in Tryavna

If you plan to visit Tryavna and have not yet booked your car, you can do so by using our reservations left. If you are traveling from Varna, Top Rent A Car has an office to Tsar Osvoboditel 17 A, or from the airport, where you can pick up your car on the spot. Top Rent A Car offers free shipping to Tryavna. Tryavna is the perfect destination for a day trip from Varna.

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Triavna river By Mpb eu (Own work) [ CC0], via Wikimedia Commons