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Teteven is located in the central northern Bulgaria, in Lovech region and it stands 116 km away from Sofia. The town lies on the Vit River. It is known that the city has been inhabited since the ancient times. It is assumed that some of the first inhabitants of the area were the Thracian tribe "Serdi” for which testify numerous Thracian mounds found in the vicinity.

There are evidences of Roman presence- remains of Roman roads, bridges and towers. The modern city has been formed between the 11th century and the 14th century and played an important role in the struggle for liberation from the Ottoman rule. By the middle of XIX century Teteven became one of the craft centers in the country.

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Tourist sightseeing around Teteven

History museum in Teteven
History museum in Teteven
  • Historical Museum
    Founded in 1911. The exhibits are divided into three collections - archaeological, ethnographic and renaissance.
  • Art gallery
    Established 1965 it keeps the works of artists as Vasil Gachev Saturday Dimitrov, Margaret Tzanev Kalin Dimitrov / Rembrandt / Tsenna Sabova, Mihail Dimitrov.
  • Monastery "St. Elijah"
    According to some legends, the monastery was founded in the 11 century. Before the liberation Manastery was a literary center with a school and a library.
  • House-museums: Bobev, Jorgova Hadji Ivanova
History museum in Teteven
History museum in Teteven
  • Glozhenski monastery "St. George"
    It is believed that the monastery was built in 1224. It is situated 12 km from Teteven, on the eastern slope of the mountain ridge Lisets under Kamen Lisets peak. The monastery was one of the favorite places of Vasil Levski and his hideout is kept to this day.
  • Tetevenska valley
  • Biosphere Reserve "Tsarichina"
    It is the third largest reserve in the National Park "Central Balkan". It was declared a reserve in 1949. Its area is 3418,7 ha and is included in the program "Man and Biosphere”. It is located in the region of Ribaritza village.
  • Waterfall "Skoka"
    It is located in the village of Veselinovo and has a height of 50m. There is an eco trail with signs that leads to the waterfall.
  • Chapel “Pokrov" peak Ostrich
    Established by Asen Svilenov URMANOVA and consecrated in 2007.
  • Boeva mogila (Boeva ??Mound)
    In the area there is a monument dedicated to the battle that took place on 29.10.1877, the next day was the first day for Teteven as a free town.


History museum in Teteven
History museum in Teteven
  • Saeva dupka (Saeva hole)
    It is one of the most beautiful caves in Bulgaria. Located 25 km from Teteven, near the Lovech village Brestnica. There you can see a stalactite with circumference of 60 meters.
  • Morovitsa
    It is located at Glojene village near Municipality. Its length is 3,25 km. The cave is a home to many species of bats. There have been found objects from primitive people. The cave was declared a landmark in 1962.
  • Bayovitsa
  • Draganchovitsa
  • Rushova cave (near Gradejnitsa village)
    Its length is 750 meters, located on two floors, rich in stalactites and stalagmites, lakes and many more.

The best hotels, according to Trip Advisor are:

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  • Zdravets Balneocomplex
  • Family Hotel Balkan
  • Family Hotel Enica

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    The centre of Teteven by Vassia Atanassova - Spiritia [ GFDL or CC-BY-SA-3.0-2.5-2.0-1.0], via Wikimedia Commons