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General information about Samokov

Nunnery Samokov
Nunnery Samokov

Samokov is favorite winter destination for ski vacation because of the wonderful ski resorts nearby. The city is located on 55 km from Sofia and 8 km from the resort Borovets. Foreign tourists can easy make a connection from Sofia Airport by car rental from Top Rent A Car. Samokov valley is surrounded by several mountains - Rila, Plan, Vitosha, Verila and Ihtiman middle forest.

An Awesome view attracts thousands of tourists every year, and the long winter season allows winter sport activities.

Virtual walk in Samokov

Tourist sites near Samokov

Samokov is center of winter sports. The town is located very close to Borovets and Maliovitsa. There are a number of ski slopes with lifts that can be used by skiers and snowboarders.

Here are some of the huts located not so far from the town:

Fortress Urvic Pancharevo
Fortress Urvic Pancharevo
  • Zavrachitsa / 2178 m /
  • Musala / 2390 m /
  • Mechit / 1670 /
  • Shumnatitsa / 1300 m /
  • Vada
  • Maritza
  • Chakar vojvoda
  • Jastrebetz

Two of the "hundred national tourist sites" are also located there:

  • Historical Museum
  • Samokov convent “Assumption”

Those who like hiking will be able to conquer the highest peak in the Balkans - Musala 2,925 m. or just to walk and take photos enjoying the beautiful views of the Rila National Park. Don't forget to ask for traditional food. Order traditional salad, rakia and "Zelnik" of course. Let the Bulgarian folklore touch your senses.

Hotels and restaurants in Samokov

The best hotels in Samokov according to Trip Advisor are:

  • Sonata Hotel and Restaurant
  • Dragushinovo Boutique Chalet Hotel
  • Four Seasons Villa
  • Family Hotel Zodiac
  • The Castle Hotel

The best restaurants in Samokov according to Trip Advisor are:

  • Target Bar & Restaurant
  • Shopska Sresha
  • Tavern Posleden Grosh
  • Kokoshkova kashta
  • Mamacita's

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If you plan to visit Samokov and have not yet booked your rental car, you may do so by using our reservations left. You can use Sofia as a starting point for your trip to Bulgaria. Top Rent A Car offers direct deliveries to all sea, ski and golf resorts in Bulgaria. You can easy book a car from our website, or contact us by phone.

Top Rent A Car has office in Sofia Airport (we provide free shuttle service)
Top Rent A Car has office in Sofia Airport (we provide free shuttle service)

Pirin - Banderishki Chukar by Pudelek (Marcin Szala) (Own work) [ CC-BY-SA-3.0], via Wikimedia Commons