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General information about Burgas

Sunny Beach
Sunny Beach

Burgas is the second biggest city on the coast line. It is famous with its beautiful Sea Garden, the biggest harbor in Bulgaria and for the many resorts around it. Burgas is host of the biggest musical festival in Bulgaria – Spirit of Burgas, which takes place in August.

Burgas is preferred by tourist, because of it unique combination of beautiful nature, urban amenities, many cultural places and big resorts. The resorts around Burgas are various - from big and noisy to small and cozy, there is something for any taste.

The most famous resorts are:


Sunny beach

Sunny Beach is a seaside resort located 32 km north of Bourgas and 435 km east of Sofia. It is a popular destination because of the wide range of services that the resort provides to its visitors. The resort has over 130 restaurants, clubs, bars and discos, summer theater and cinema, playgrounds, shopping center, numerous attractions, a full range of sport activities and over 200 hotels .The accommodation includes different categories of hotels, five-star resorts, guest houses, villas, bungalows, rooms over 27,000 beds all together. The fully developed infrastructure, with a various entertainment and eight-kilometer sand line, ensuring an unforgettable experience in the biggest seaside resort in the Bulgaria. - Dunes – nature sand formations.

The best hotels in Sunny Beach according Trip Advisor:

  • Majestic Hotel & Residence
  • Jeravi Hotel
  • Fairies Palace Hotel
  • Helena Sands Hotel
  • Hotel L&B

The best restaurants in Sunny Beach according to Trip Advisor:

  • Khan's Tent
  • Lapa Lapa
  • Hawaii Restaurant and bar Sunny Beach
  • Bolero Bar - Pizza - Restaurant
  • Morris


It is only 7 km away from Burgas, near Aheloy River. Aheloy has long and sandy beaches, calm sea, beautiful fruit gardens and vine yards. It has its own climate, because of its flat terrain, its proximity with the Stara Planina Mountain and the sea. The winter is soft, and the summer is cool, which makes it very pleasant place to stay. Aheloy has many different accommodations – from four stars hotels to guest houses and family hotels.

The best hotels in Aheloy according to Trip Advisor :

  • The Vineyards Resort
  • Midia Grand Resort
  • Hotel Chairite

Sveti Vlas

The resort is located on the coast line, 40 km north of Burgas and just 10km from Nessebar. The village has settled by the ancient Thracians, which makes it one of the oldest villages in that area. It has a unique combination of fresh mountain air and sea climate, beautiful beaches, many different hotels and provides all kinds of services.


The best hotels in Sveti Vlas according to Trip Advisor :

  • PrimaSol Sineva Park
  • PrimaSol Sineva Beach
  • Grand Resort
  • Caesar Palace Beach
  • Saint George Palace Hotel

The best restaurants in Sveti Vlas according to Trip Advisor:

  • Kotva
  • Vodopadi
  • Restaurant Aqua Dreams
  • Restaurant Victoria
  • Bistro Verona


Located in a beautiful bay, 37km north of Burgas, Nessebar is one of the resorts in the southern coastline of Bulgaria. It was settled by Thracians as a fishing village, because of its favorable position, soft climate and rich nature. Nessebar is one of the oldest towns in Europe, existing for 3200 years, it has been able to preserve a significant part of ancient structures and artifacts.It has an old part, called "The Old city", which is included in the list of UNESCO World Heritage site. Nessebar offers various accommodations and activities to its visitors, for all kinds of tastes.

The best hotels in Nessebar according to Trip Advisor :

  • Italia
  • Mirage of Nessebar
  • Sol Marina Palace
  • St. Stefan Boutique Hotel Sunny Beach
  • Sol Nessebar Palace

The best restaurants according to Trip Advisor :

  • White Rose
  • Plakamoto
  • Romantika & Panorama
  • Mehana Pri Shopite
  • Neptun


Sozopol is small resort town, located on the coastline, southern of Burgas. It has a historical part, which had preserved many old buildings, churches and the spirit of the city from the last century. Sozopol offers various accommodations, along with many places with international and traditional cuisine, bars and discos and beautiful beaches."float: right;">

The best hotels in Sozopol according to Trip Advisor :

  • Hotel More
  • Hotel Selena
  • Martinez ApartHotel
  • Saint Thomas Residences
  • Diamanti Hotel

The best restaurants in Sozopol according to Trip Advisor :

  • Urania Bistro
  • Zoy Restaurant
  • Mexaha
  • Mehana Neptune
  • Beuna Vista

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Sunny Beach - Top Rent A Car
Sunny Beach - Top Rent A Car

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