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General information about Melnik

Renaissance houses in Melnik
Renaissance houses in Melnik

Melnik is famous with the fact that this is the smallest town in Bulgaria (208 people), and also with the good wine. This beautiful town is located 175 km far from Sofia in Pirin Mountain. The area is famous with the Malnik pyramids too – the natural formations attract lots of tourists every year. Notice that the town was not always that small. In the past its population was 7-8 thousand people.

Proofs of the ancient history of the town are all the findings of Thracians, Romans and Slavs. Slavs were those who have given the name of the town. They have chosen the name, because of the pyramids. "Mel" means white clay, chalk.

Melnik from above - video with drone

Virtual walk in Melnik

Tourist sites around Melnik

  • The Melnik pyramids
  • Melnik wine - the Wide Melnik grape vine. The town is perfect place for wine tourism, because of the big number of wineries and places for tasting of wines.
  • The Melnik Fortress
  • The ancient Roman bridge
  • The Rozhen Monastery - it is situated 5 km east from Melnik
  • Turkish town hall – the police station at that time
  • The Boyar’s House - it is declared as an architectural monument and it was a residence of Despot Alexius Slav
  • Kordopulova House - an architecture and construction, art and history monument. It is the largest building from the Bulgarian National Revival in Bulgaria. This house was owned by wealthy family from Melnik.
  • The Pashova House - it is declared as an architecture and construction monument
The ancient fortress in Melnik
The ancient fortress in Melnik


  • The Metropolitan’s church “St. Nikola”
  • The church (basilica) St. Antonius
  • The Monastery “St. Virgin Mary Spileotisa” - built in 13th century
  • The remains of the church “St. Varvara”
  • The Metropolitan’s Church “St. Nikolas the Wonderworker” - it is situated in the south-east part of Melnik, near the center of the town. You can visit it by rent a car.

Bed and breakfast in Melnik

The best hotels in melnik, according to Trip Advisor:

  • Chavkova House
  • Lumparov's House
  • Hotel Slavova Krepost
  • Elli Greco Hotel
  • Hotel Bolyarka

The most popular restaurants in Melnik according to Trip Advisor:

  • Chavkova House Restaurant
  • Mencheva kashta
  • Chevermeto
  • Mitko Manolev Winery

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Panorama of Melnik and Melnik Pyramids By Delianjekov [ CC-BY-SA-2.5], from Wikimedia Commons