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Lozenets is a typical fishing village, located 60 km south of Bourgas. The village was founded in 1924 by residents of the neighboring village Velika, because it is on the beach. The natural resources of Lozenets make it an attractive tourist destination. In Lozenets the visitors could enjoy the unique combination of the mountain and the sea.

Lozenets has six beaches - Central, Coral, Oasis, Bear Hole, Small and Babeshky, each of which has fine, golden and soft sand.

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Beaches in Lozenets

  • The Central beach is about 700 meters long, and there are umbrellas, lounges, restaurants and summer bars. There you could find a variety of entertainment such as pedal boats, jet skis, "bananas" and others. There is a surf school, as well as opportunities for fishing and horseback riding on this beach. The "Coral Beach" is longer than the Central beach. It also has a surf school and it is a favorite place for camping.
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  • Oasis beach is situated southeast of Lozenets. The beach has a diving center, and all the attractions offered at the Central Beach. Beach Mecha dupka is located between the Central beach and Coral Beach. It is located in a secluded and tranquil cove without jets, umbrellas, parasols and buzz. It is famous for its crystal clear water and a natural lagoon, which makes it suitable for small children and babies. This is a wonderful cove for a relaxing holiday, with conditions for spearfishing and unobtrusive places to eat.
  • Small beach is located on the southeast corner of the village. It is surrounded by rocks. It has umbrellas, deck chairs, pedal boats and jets and restaurants. Babeshky beach is located between the Central beach and the Small Beach. It has rocky terrain, and it is a preferred beach by the nudists. The original name of the settlement was "Emberly" - named after the popular wine variety, but - later it was renamed to Lozenets, because of the abundance of vineyards around. Measurements show that sea water in the village is the most clear on the Bulgarian coast and the presence of beneficial trace elements such as magnesium, calcium, iodine, bromine, etc. are highly valued by specialists from around the world.
  • Granny Beach is located between the central and small beach. It has a cliff landscape and is preferred by nudists. The first name of the village was Emberli - named on the popular grapes, but later was renamed Lozenets, because of many vineyards in the area. The sea water near Lozenets is declared as the clearest on the Black Sea Coast.

Tourist sightseeing around Lozenets

Boat near Lozenets
Boat near Lozenets
  • St. George" Church
    Back in the 30’s the residents of the newly built village wanted to have their own church. The people put a lot of work to collect building materials, but there was a lack of cash. Because of the difficult economic situation after the Second World War, the construction of the church was postponed. In 1998 the Church was built entirely with donations from the local residents.
  • Cave Bear Hole
    It is located between the Central beach and the Coral Beach. Its name is given by the old fishermen who caught there a pair of seals, many years ago.
  • Strandja National Park
    The largest protected area in Bulgaria - 1161 square kilometers, with the - largest deciduous forest complex in whole Europe. In the park you can enjoy the greatest variety of species of fish, amphibians and reptiles, birds, mammals and vascular plants in the country. Forests make up 80% of the park, of which 30 % were for centuries.
  • The rivers: Veleka, Karaagach, Devils'.
Reservation Ropotamo
Reservation Ropotamo
  • Ropotamo Nature Reserve
    Located 15 km. from Lozenets. It was declared a reserve in 1940, amended in 1956 and from 1962 is a National Park. It covers the Ropotamo River and has an area of nearly 850 hectares. Within the park there are four reserves - "Snake Island", "Sea Wormwood", "Arcoutino”, "Water Lilies", which were created in order to preserve the specific vegetation from foreign plans from neighboring phytogeographic regions.
  • The Village Velika and the Botanical Garden of the family Seraphim
    Located 4 km southwest of Lozenets.
  • Village Resovo fortress Kastritsion and Silistar Bay
    They are located 25 kilometers south of Lozenets, on the estuary Rezovska river, where stands the border between Bulgaria and Turkey. The village is the southernmost point on the Black Sea coast and has a rich ancient history.
  • Begliktash
    It is a Thracian “observatory” representing huge rocks, which in the moments of solstice were forming a kind of calendar. The place was a sanctuary for the ancient Thracians, and they held there various rituals.

Hotels and restaurants in Lozenets:

The most preferred hotels in Lozenets, according to Trip Advisor are:

  • Oasis del Mare
  • Emberli Aparthotel
  • Hotel Romance
  • Sunset Beach

The most popular restaurants in Lozenets, according to Trip Advisor are:

  • Moabet restaurant
  • Sezoni
  • Cactus
  • Ianis Fish Bistro

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