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General information about Kotel

Old house in Kotel
Old house in Kotel

Kotel located in the Eastern part of the country at the mountain foot of Stara Planina Mountain. Located in a wonderful area named "Izvorova polyana". The visitors of Kotel can enjoy the beautiful nature and air with aroma of pine and geranium. Distance by car rental from Top Rent A Car to Varna is about 185 km and to Sofia - 320 km.

Kotel is successfully preserved its unique appearance with many interesting houses with Uprising architecture. During the years, the main population was crafts, which have been preserved till today.

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Tourist sightseeing around Kotel

Museum in Kotel
Museum in Kotel
  • Reserve "Kersenlika"
    Natural habitat of silver fir.
  • Reserve "Orlitsata"
    The reserve is a complex with numerous karst caves, pits, springs, and the rock phenomenon "Orlitsata" - nest of the Rocky Eagle.
  • Highlands
    Vida - There are remains of the old Roman fortress "Diavena".
  • Razboyna peak.
  • Okolchesta polyana - was a meeting place and camp of the band of Hadji Dimitar.
  • Iron gate (Zhelyazna vrata)
    About 6 km south of the town is the ancient partitions as Demir kapiya.
  • Pantheon of Georgi Rakovski
Pantheon of Georgi Sava Rakovski
Pantheon of Georgi Sava Rakovski
  • Museum of the Renaissance's citizens from Kotel
  • Museum of the Natural History
    Part of the hundred tourist sites, This museum is one of the largest in Bulgaria.
  • Karst complex "Zlosten"
    Declared as a natural landmark.
  • Rimsko kale
    Roman fortress from III-IV century AD, located in the "Borinata" area.
  • Chatalkaya
    Rock phenomenon which is the second longest cave in Bulgaria "Ledenika" with a length of 103 m
  • Foggy cave (Maglyavata peshtera)
    The entrance of the cave is always foggy.

Churches and temples in Kotel

  • The oldest temple in the area Sts. Peter and Pavel
  • Holy Trinity temple (Sveta troitsa)

Events in Kotel

  • Balkan sings and tells
  • The holiday of Kotel is celebrated on November 1

Hotels in Kotel

The best hotels in Kotel, according to

  • Dragoeva Guest House
  • Mirage Holiday Village
  • Zlatna Oresha Guest House
  • Kenara Guest House

Car hire in Kotel

If you plan to visit Kotel and have not yet booked your car, you can do so by using our reservations left. If you are traveling from Varna, Top Rent A Car has an office to Tsar Osvoboditel 17 A, or from the airport, where you can pick up your car on the spot. Top Rent A Car offers free shipping to Kotel. Kotel is the perfect destination for a day trip from Varna.

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