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General information about Byala

The Beach of Byala
The Beach of Byala

Byala is located on the border between northern and southern sea coast. It is located in very beautiful Bay and has wonderful panoramic views. The distance to Varna is 53 km and 79 km to Burgas . The area has interesting landscape with beautiful green forests and perfect beaches. The town has rich historical past and is believed that the settlement is established in the 3rd century B.C. Byala is declared as a town 30 years ago.

Byla is preferred location for the tourists and visitors, because of its modern hotel complexes and wonderful beaches. The scientist have made an inquiry, which have proved that the sandlines of Byala provide optimum conditions for sunbathing. In the last few years Byla become more popular for those, who prefer silent vacation on the seaside, with all necessary facilities. You could visit Byala with rental car from Varna and Sunny Beach from Top Rent A Car .

Beach panorama in Byala

Sightseeing around Byala

The central part of Byala
The central part of Byala

The most interesting discovery in Byala is a trace from the layer which has covered the Earth when the meteor, which killed the dinosaurs, has fallen down 65 million ago. Around Byala have been found many discoveries as stone and wooden anchors, ancient items, artifacts and ruins from old civilizations.

The total length of the beach in Byala is 6244 m, which make it very spacious and one of the longest on the coast. Near Byala is located the pristine beach of Kara Dere, which is favourite place for relax. There has also:

  • Beautiful bays and sand beaches with dunes.
  • Wonerful wineyards and wine cellars.
  • In Byala has many modern complexes, luxury hotels and family guest houses.
The municipality building in Byala
The municipality building in Byala

It it believed that area around Byala has been inhabited at least from 4th century B.C. The ancient name of the village was Aspros. On the beach is located the scientific centre White Rocks. The other interesting monument is an old church built in 1840 and renovated in 2013. Near cape Atanas there are archeological excavations, where have been found many interesting and valuable artefacts with national and world importance. In 2013 ended the project for preserving restoration and socialization for the ancient village and ancient fortress on Cape Atanas. The most important building there, are christening room, winery andEarly Christian basilica. In the centre of Byala could be visited the community centre and the library.

The main livelihoods of Byala is the touristic activities and Agriculture. The touristic season become longer and longer every year. The closest town near Byala is located on 5 km - Obzor. It is easy to visit all the interesting sea resorts with rental car from Top Rent a Car.

Hotels, restaurants and places to go

The best hotels in Byala according to Trip Advisor:

  • Byala Beach Resort
  • Fomula 1 Motel
  • Vemara Club Hotel - Calimera Complex
  • Iva Resort

The best restaurants in Byala according to Trip Advisor are:

  • Bistro Romantic

Car hire in Byala

You have several options to rent a car in Byala from Top Rent a Car. If you plan to visit Byala and have not booked your car yet, you could do it by using our reservations form left. Top Rent A Car makes delveries to Byala. You can pick up your rental car from office, if you travel from Burgas, Sunny Beach or Obzor.

Obzor Top Rent A Car
Obzor Top Rent A Car

Kara Dere by Svilen Enev [ GFDL or CC-BY-SA-3.0], from Wikimedia Commons