Why to wear a seat belt?

Why to wear a seat belt?

When you drive, you should always put your seat belt on! No matter how fast you drive or how far you go, the absence of seat belt may lead to serious injury or death.

Young drivers' attitude to seat belts

Young car drivers and their companion have the worst habits when we are talking about wearing a seat belt. At the same time the most car accidents are their fault. They consider as ridiculous to put their seat belt on and also that when wear it they don't look cool. Read what young drivers think about the seat belts:

  • Make them look like a nerd;
  • Ashamed to wear them;
  • Not convenient;
  • Good drivers don't need them;
  • Nothing is going to happen;
  • There is no sense to wear them for few blocks. (1/3 of all accidents happen close to home);

The driver and passengers must put their belts on every trip!

Putting a belt takes only a few seconds

The belt is necessary for your safety and security. You can not predict every situation on the road and what will happen to you and other passengers. So always wear your seat belt! Make sure children have appropriate child seat and it is properly inserted.

Consequences in a collision with 50 km/h without seat belt

If the passenger on the back seat doesn't wear a seat belt when car crash with 50 km/h, he will hit the front seat and the person sitting there with a force from 30 to 60 times bigger than his own weight. This can lead to serious injuries or death.

If you drive without a belt, you will be fined

The law requires that the driver and the passengers should always travel with a seat belt on. The fine for driving without a belt in Bulgaria is 50 lv, no matter who is unbelted.