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Influence of color over the temperature of the vehicle

Temperatures during the summer have influence not only to the drivers but also to the cars. The high temperature may cause many issues like: power loss of the engine, discomfort to the driver and the passengers, it can burn your skin and etc.

Comparison of the temperature characteristics of black and white vehicle

According to a research, when one vehicle is not moving and there isn't air conditioner switched on, the inside temperature of the car can reach 55°C if outside is 35°C.

Let's take for example two equal vehicles with different colors of the paint and the upholstery. One of them will be white and the other one will be black. Let's left them for 60 minutes on 35°C. Here is the result: the temperature of the black vehicle is with 20°C hotter than the white one. In the first 10 min. the black car reaches 60°C, while the white one - around 50°C. In the rest 50 min, the black one reaches its maximum of 80°C, while the white - only 63°C.

What risks is hiding the high temperature?

Keep in mind that if you touch a vehicle that was staying 10 min on high temperature, it can burn your skin. Moreover it is dangerous to stay inside the car when the temperature reaches 40°C, because you might faint. This temperature can be reached for 42 min if outside is 25°C, when outside is 35°C - inside will be 55°C.


Use car sun shade to reduce the heating inside the car!