10 съвета за шофиране през лятото

10 tips for summer driving

When the temperatures during the summer are so high, it is better to have a car. This is the busiest time of the year when people choose to travel for their vacations. We will offer you 10 tips, which will make your trip safer.

  1. Make a plan for your trip. If you want to travel by car during the summer, it is better to have a plan for your route. Be aware of the weather forecast for the places where you want to go and avoid troubles. Stay up to date with the road and traffic conditions, so you can avoid the days with most traffic. We advise you to skip travelling during the hottest hours.
  2. Check the technical conditions of your vehicle. When you are going to travel a long trip, we recommended checking the technical conditions of the vehicle and repairing it on time if needed. Pay special attention on the brakes, because they should be in perfect conditions. Do not forget to check the tires and oil level too.
  3. Check if you have taken all the documents you need. Double check if you have taken: car documents, driver's license, ID (passport), vignette, third party liability and green card (if you are travelling abroad).
  4. Wear comfortable and appropriate clothing for the occasion. It is very important when you take a trip in the summer to the right clothes. Due to the high temperatures, it is necessary to choose those clothes that you will feel cool with. Wear clothes with elastic fabric and avoid wearing slippers while driving.
  5. Choose proper place for your luggage. Make sure that the driver has clean visibility. Do not overload the car, it will lead to more fuel consumption.
  6. Stop and rest more often. It is recommended to stop for a break in every two hours. This will reduce the risk of fatigue and lack of concentration. While stopping for a break, get out of the car stretch your body for few minutes and drink something refreshing.
  7. Eat light food. Hydration is very important, so make sure you drink more liquids and refreshments during the trip. Avoid heavy meals and eat lighter ones, you'll you will feel better.
  8. Do not forget your glasses. If you wear dioptric glasses, make sure you have them, or put another in the car for back up. It's the same about sunglasses, they are very helpful especially in the sunny summer days, so don't forget them too.
  9. Use the air conditioner properly. The temperature in the car is very important. The most suitable temperature for the summer months is 22-23° C. Note that the air conditioner increases the fuel consumption.
  10. Follow the traffic rules. Don't brake the traffic rules and drive safety. Drive in the right line. Keep distance all the time and observe the speed limits.
Enjoy your ride!