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General information about Gabrovo

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Gabrovo - Bulgarian capital of humor is situated in northern Bulgaria, 45 km from Veliko Tarnovo , 207 km away from Sofia and 265 km from Varna . The location allows easy and quickly to be reached by car rental service of from Top Rent A Car .

It was founded by Racho the Blacksmith and in his honor was erected a monument on a rock in river Yantra. The symbol of Gabrovo is а black cat without a tail. The area around the town is very beautiful and extremely green. Many people prefer to visit the region because of its great tourist opportunities.

Gabrovo from above - video with drone

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Tourist sites around Gabrovo

  • House of Humor and Satire – it's a unique museum, one of a kind.
  • Usana – it is an area in Stara Planina mountain, located 25 km southwest of Gabrovo. It is great place for skiing and recreation. There are 8 ski slopes and mountain hunts where you can stay. The geographical center of Bulgaria is situated there and it is one of the "100 National Tourist Sites".

Architectural-Ethnographic Complex:

car hire in Gabrovo
  • Etara
    It is located on 9 km from Gabrovo. There you can see the only collection in Bulgaria of technical equipment, powered by water, and you'll be able to monitor the work of the craftsmen at the market.
  • Bojentsi
    It is located on 15 km east from Gabrovo. Bozhentsite is one of the 100 national tourist sites. It is interesting to visit when there are reenactments of the Bulgarian traditions of St. George's Day celebrations, Christmas and Lazarus. Thanks to the "rent a car" you can visit the village and to stay in one of the houses with аn authentic atmosphere of the nineteenth century.

    Other interesting places that you can visit by car rental from Top Rent A Car:

  • Sokolski Monastery It is located 4 km from the architectural and ethnographic complex "Etara". One of the most interesting sights in the monastery is stone fountain with eight spouts.
  • National Park Museum Shipka It is located on 22 km from Gabrovo and 28 km from Kazanlak has beautiful panoramic views. The monument of Shipka is 31.5 meters high, and 890 stairs lead to it. There you can see a copy of the Samara flag - the first battle flag of Bulgarian volunteers.

When to visit...

  • On the 1st of April each year the House of Humor and Satire celebrates its birthday
  • Visitors of Etar can enjoy the re-creations of traditional customs during the holidays such as Lazarus (eight days before Easter), St. George (May 6th) Midsummer (24 June), Ilinden (July 20th).
  • During the first Friday, Saturday and Sunday of September every year in architectural and ethnographic complex "Ether" is held the International Fair of Traditional Crafts.

Hotels, restaurants and shopping in Gabrovo

The best hotels in Gabrovo according to Trip Advisor are:

  • Kolyovata House
  • Hotel Orlovettz
  • Hotel Gabrovo Hills
  • Hotel Hitar Petar
  • Hotel Balkan

The best restaurants in Gabrovo according to Trip Advisor are:

  • Tri lovetsa
  • Gusto - pizza and BBQ
  • Strannopriemnitsa
  • Shtastliveca - Gabrovo
  • Panorama restaurant

The city offers a variety of options to spend your holiday or business trip. Great place for shopping is Mall Gabrovo (Aprilov 40) where you can find clothes, shoes, jewelry, cosmetics, restaurants, movie theater and much more. The mall has a parking lot where you can park your booked from Top Rent A Car vehicle.

Car Hire Gabrovo

You could use Sofia or Varna as your starting point to your trip to Gabrovo. Top Rent A Car offers direct deliveries to all summer, winter and golf resorts in Bulgaria.

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Top Rent A Car has office in Varna and Varna Airport, only 3 hours away from Gabrovo

Gabrovo 2011 By Спасимир (Own work) [ CC-BY-SA-3.0], via Wikimedia Commons